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Please enter the A-Clinical Chemistry and Clinical Toxicology B-hematology and pathology C-immunology and microbiology D-Anesthesiology E-Cardiovascular Medicine F-dentistry G-otolaryngology H-gastroenterology and urology science I-General and Cosmetic Surgery J-general hospital and personal use devices K-neuroscience L-Obstetrics and Gynecology M-Ophthalmology N-Bone science O-Physical Medicine Science P-radiological sciences

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(Example: A.0001) A.0001 (Phencyclidine Test System) A.1020 (acid phosphatase (total or prostate) Test System) A.1025 (adrenocorticotropic hormone test system) A.1030 (alanine aminotransferase test system) A.1035 (albumin test system) A.1040 (aldol condensation enzyme test system) A.1045 (aldosterone test system) A.1050 (alkaline phosphatase or isoenzymes test system) A.1055 (neonatal amino acids, free carnitine and acyl carnitine screening using tandem mass spectrometer system) A.1060 (δ-amino-acetyl acid test system) A.1065 (Ammonia Test System) A.1070 (amylase test system) A.1075 (androstenedione Testing System) A.1080 (male testosterone test system) A.1085 (renin angiotensin I and Test System) A.1090 (angiotensin converting enzyme test systems) A.1095 (ascorbic acid test system) A.1100 (aspartate aminotransferase test system) A.1110 (bilirubin (total or direct) test system) A.1113 (neonatal bilirubin (total and unbound) Test System) A.1115 (urine bilirubin and its conjugates (non-quantitative) test system) A.1117 (B-type natriuretic peptide testing system) A.1118 (biotin enzyme test systems) A.1120 (in blood gases (PCO2, PO2) and blood pH test system) A.1130 (blood test systems) A.1135 (precursors of insulin C-peptide test system) A.1140 (calcitonin test system) A.1145 (Calcium Test System) A.1150 (calibrator) A.1155 (human chorionic gonadotropin test system) A.1160 (bicarbonate / carbon dioxide test system) A.1163 (cardiac allograft gene expression pattern detection system) A.1165 (catecholamines (total) test system) A.1170 (Chloride Test System) A.1175 (cholesterol (total) test system) A.1177 (gall amino acid test system) A.1180 (chymotrypsin test system) A.1185 (S-compound (11 - deoxy corticosterone Jipi hydroxide) Test System) A.1187 (associativity sulfur Lithocholic Test System) A.1190 (Copper Test System) A.1195 (adrenal cortical hormone test system) A.1200 (corticosteroid testosterone test system) A.1205 (cortisol (adrenaline hydrogen and hydroxyl cortisol) Test System) A.1210 (creatine Test System) A.1215 (creatine phosphokinase / creatine kinase or isoenzymes test system) A.1225 (creatinine test system (Creatininetestsystem)) A.1230 (ring gland enzyme monophosphate Test System) A.1235 (cyclosporine Test System) A.1240 (cystine test system) A.1245 (dehydroepiandrosterone testosterone (free and sulfur salts) Test System) A.1250 (Desoxycorticosterone Testing System) A.1255 (2, 3 - diphosphate glycerol acid test system) A.1260 (estradiol test system) A.1265 (estriol test system) A.1270 (estrogen (total pregnancy) test system) A.1275 (estrogens (total, not pregnant) test system) A.1280 (estrone Testing System) A.1285 (testosterone ketone also prototype test system) A.1290 (Fatty Acid Test System) A.1295 (folic acid test system) A.1300 (follicle stimulating hormone test system) A.1305 (Formiminoglutamicacid, (FIGLU) Test System) A.1310 (galactose Test System) A.1315 (galactose-1 - phosphate - uridine acyl transferase enzyme test systems) A.1320 (acid test system) A.1325 (gastrin test system) A.1330 (globulin test system) A.1335 (glucagon test system) A.1340 (urinary glucose (non-quantitative) test system) A.1345 (Glucose Test System) A.1360 (r-glutamine transferase (GGT) and isoenzymes test system) A.1365 (bran Gan cystatin test system) A.1370 (Human Growth Hormone Testing System) A.1375 (tissue amino acid test system) A.1377 (non-quantitative urinary cystine class Test System) A.1380 (hydroxybutyrate dehydrogenase test system) A.1385 (17 - cortical lipid alcohol (17 - ketogenic lipid alcohol) test system) A.1390 ​​(5 - hydroxy indole acetic acid / serotonin Test System) A.1395 (17 - keto esters luteal Test System) A.1400 (hydroxyproline Test System) A.1405 (immunoreactive insulin test system) A.1410 (iron (non-haem) Test System) A.1415 (iron-binding capacity test system) A.1420 (with citric acid dehydrogenase test system) A.1430 (17 - keto steroid test system) A.1435 (ketone (non-quantitative) test system) A.1440 (lactate dehydrogenase test system) A.1445 (lactate dehydrogenase isoenzymes test system) A.1450 (lactic acid test system) A.1455 (lecithin / cohesion myelin ratio in the amniotic fluid test system) A.1460 (leucine amino peptidase Testing System) A.1465 (lipase test system) A.1470 (Fat (total) Test System) A.1475 (lipoprotein test system) A.1485 (luteinizing hormone test system) A.1490 (lysozyme Test System) A.1495 (Magnesium Test System) A.1500 (malate dehydrogenase test system) A.1505 (mucopolysaccharides (non-quantitative) test system) A.1509 (methyl-malonic acid (non-quantitative) test system) A.1510 (nitrite (non-quantitative) test system) A.1515 (nitrogen (amino - nitrogen) test system) A.1520 (5'-nucleotide enzyme test system) A.1530 (organ plasma volume measurement method Test System) A.1535 (Bird carbon acyl amino acid aminotransferase test system) A.1540 (osmotic pressure test system) A.1542 (oxalate test system) A.1545 (parathyroid hormone test system) A.1550 (urinary pH (non-quantitative) test system) A.1555 (phenylalanine Test System) A.1560 (urinary benzophenone (non-quantitative) test system) A.1565 (6 - phosphate dehydrogenase enzyme glucose testing system) A.1570 (hexose phosphate isomerase test system) A.1575 (phospholipid test system) A.1580 (phosphoric acid (inorganic) Test System) A.1585 (human placental prolactin test system) A.1590 (hold in the mouth slightly color quality of the original test system) A.1595 (hold in the mouth slightly rhodopsin Testing System) A.1600 (potassium test system) A.1605 (progestin alcohol testing system) A.1610 (calcitriol pregnancy test system) A.1615 (pregnenolone Test System) A.1620 (progestin Test System) A.1625 (prolactin test system) A.1630 (protein (chemical separation) Test System) A.1635 (total protein test system) A.1640 (protein bound iodine test system) A.1645 (urinary protein or albumin (non-quantitative) test system) A.1650 (pyruvate kinase assay system) A.1655 (pyruvate Test System) A.1660 (QC materials (analysis and non-analytical)) A.1665 (sodium Testing System) A.1670 (sorbitol dehydrogenase test system) A.1675 (blood sample collection device) A.1678 (tacrolimus drug monitoring system) A.1680 (testicular fat ketone test system) A.1685 (thyroxine-binding globulin test system) A.1690 (thyroid stimulating hormone test system) A.1695 (free thyroxine test system) A.1700 (total thyroxine test system) A.1705 (triglyceride test system) A.1710 (total triiodothyronine test system) A.1715 (triiodothyronine absorption test system) A.1720 (triose phosphate isomerase test system) A.1725 (trypsin test system) A.1730 (free tyrosinase Testing System) A.1770 (blood urea nitrogen test system) A.1775 (uric acid test system) A.1780 (urinary tract stones Test System) A.1785 (urethra urobilin salt (non-quantitative) test system) A.1790 (urinary porphyrin test system) A.1795 (Vatican Neelum almond acid test system) A.1805 (Vitamin A Test System) A.1810 (vitamin B12 test system) A.1815 (Vitamin E Test System) A.1820 (xylose test system) A.1825 (vitamin D test systems) A.2140 (the clinical use of centrifugal biochemical analyzer) A.2150 (clinical use of a number of continuous flow chemistry analyzer) A.2160 (clinical use of optical measurements at the individual chemistry analyzer) A.2170 (clinical chemistry analyzer using a micropipette) A.2250 (clinical use of gas liquid chromatography system) A.2260 (clinical use of high pressure liquid chromatography) A.2270 (the clinical use of thin layer chromatography systems) A.2300 (clinical use colorimeter, photometer or spectrophotometer) A.2320 (the clinical use of beta or gamma counter) A.2400 (clinical use densitometer / scanner (integral, reflection, thin layer chromatographic analysis or radioactive)) A.2485 (the clinical use of electrophoresis equipment) A.2500 (the clinical use of enzyme analyzer) A.2540 (the clinical use of flame emission photometer) A.2560 (the clinical use of fluorescence analyzer) A.2570 (clinical multi-target detection system instrumentation) A.2700 (clinical use nephelometer) A.2720 (clinical use of blood plasma meter) A.2730 (clinical use osmometer) A.2800 (clinical use refractometer) A.2850 (the clinical use of atomic absorption spectrometer) A.2860 (clinical use of mass spectrometry) A.2900 (Automatic Urine Analysis System) A.2920 (the clinical use of plasma viscometer) A.3030 (acetaminophen Test System) A.3035 (Amy Kangsi streptozotocin (drug name) Test System) A.3040 (Alcohol Testing System) A.3050 (breath alcohol testing system) A.3080 (exhaled nitric oxide test system) A.3100 (Amphetamine Test System) A.3110 (antimony Test System) A.3120 (Arsenic Test System) A.3150 (barbiturates Test System) A.3170 (benzene diazonium salt Testing System) A.3200 (Clinical Toxicology schools are devices) A.3220 (carbon monoxide test system) A.3240 (choline ester enzyme test systems) A.3250 (cocaine and its metabolites Test System) A.3270 (codeine Test System) A.3300 (Digitalis toxin test system) A.3320 (digitalis toxin test system) A.3350 (diphenyl-lactamase Urine Test System) A.3360 (drug metabolizing enzyme genotype test system) A.3380 (AB succinimide Test System) A.3450 (gentamicin Test System) A.3520 (Connor amphotericin Test System) A.3550 (Lead Testing System) A.3555 (Tachimachi may be due to test system) A.3560 (Lithium Test System) A.3580 (lysergic diethylamide Testing System) A.3600 (Mercury Test System) A.3610 (Methamphetamine Test System) A.3620 (Methadone Test System) A.3630 (whiteboard preparation Test System) A.3640 (Morphine Test System) A.3645 (like neuropathy induced radioactivity receptor class analysis test system) A.3650 (Opium Test System) A.3660 (phenyl barbituric Test System) A.3670 (Phenothiazine Test System) A.3680 (ethylbenzene pyrimidinedione Test System) A.3700 (Pupa Xifen Test System) A.3750 (quinine Test System) A.3830 (Liu permanganate test system) A.3840 (sirolimus drug-testing system) A.3850 (sulfa Test System) A.3870 (CB1 Test System) A.3880 (tea hormone test system) A.3900 (Thailand one hundred neomycin Test System) A.3910 (tricyclic antidepressants Testing System) A.3950 (vancomycin Test System) B.0001 (human leukocyte antigen typing test systems) B.0002 (components of blood pressure to take the device) B.1850 (dyes and dye chemical solution) B.1860 (pathological immune chemical reagents and kits) B.2220 (synthetic cell and tissue culture media and components) B.2260 (chromosome culture group) B.2280 (cultured animal and human cells) B.2360 (genus Mycoplasma detection media and components) B.2800 (animal and human serum) B.2875 (balanced salt solution or recipe) B.4020 (analysis of specific reagents) B.4400 (enzyme preparations) B.5200 (automated cell counter) B.5220 (automatic cell counter distinction) B.5240 (automated blood cell dilution device) B.5260 (automated cell positioning device) B.5300 (RBC index unit) B.5350 (trace precipitation centrifuges) B.5400 (agglutination Instruments) B.5425 (aggregation in vitro study versatile system) B.5600 (automatic hematology analyzer) B.5620 (automated hemoglobin analysis system) B.5680 (automatic heparin analyzer) B.5700 (automatic platelet aggregation System) B.5800 (automatic sedimentation rate device) B.5850 (automatic slide spinner) B.5950 (blood volume measurement device) B.6100 (bleeding time measuring device) B.6150 (capillary blood collection tubes) B.6160 (manual blood cell counting device) B.6400 (hematocrit measuring device) B.6550 (occult blood test) B.6600 (osmotic fragility test) B.6650 (platelet stickiness test) B.6675 (platelet aggregation devices) B.6700 (erythrocyte sedimentation rate test) B.7040 (ATP enzyme release analysis) B.7060 (antithrombin Ⅲ Analysis) B.7100 (erythrocyte enzyme analysis) B.7140 (activated whole blood clotting time test) B.7250 (erythropoietin analysis) B.7275 (true ELT time trial) B.7280 (fifth coagulation factor LeidenDNA mutation detection system) B.7290 (factor deficiency test) B.7300 (fibrin monomer abnormal coagulation tests) B.7320 (fibrinogen / fibrin disintegration product analysis) B.7340 (fibrinogen recognition system) B.7360 (erythrocyte glucose-6 - phosphate hydrolase analysis) B.7375 (glutathione reductase analysis) B.7400 (hemoglobin A2 analysis) B.7415 (abnormal hemoglobin analysis) B.7425 (carbon monoxide hemoglobin analysis) B.7440 (hemoglobin electrophoresis analysis system) B.7455 (fetal hemoglobin analysis) B.7470 (sugar (base) of hemoglobin analysis) B.7490 (sulfur hemoglobin analysis) B.7500 (whole blood hemoglobin analysis) B.7525 (heparin analysis) B.7660 (leukocyte alkaline phosphatase test) B.7675 (leukocyte peroxidase test) B.7695 (Platelet Factor radioimmunoassay) B.7720 (former thrombin consumption test) B.7735 (before clotting enzyme factor VIIa and thrombosis test trial) B.7750 (before thrombin time trial) B.7825 (sickle cell test) B.7875 (thrombin time trial) B.7900 (thrombosis produce quality test) B.7925 (partial thrombosis prime time trial) B.8100 (Brazil snakes reactant) B.8150 (cell index corrector) B.8165 (serum globulin or hematology Tester Calibrator) B.8175 (platelet count corrector) B.8185 (red blood cells and white blood cell counter corrector) B.8200 (blood thinner) B.8500 (lymphocyte separation medium) B.8540 (erythrocytes dissolving agent) B.8625 (hematology quality control mixture) B.8950 (roessei ear's Viper Venom reactant) B.9050 (blood bank supply) B.9100 (Blood and blood component collection and processing of container) B.9125 (vacuum blood collection system) B.9145 (frozen blood processing system) B.9175 (automatic classification and blood antibody test system) B.9195 (blood and blood gravimetric mixer device) B.9205 (blood and plasma heating device) B.9225 (frozen cells in vitro diagnostic equipment and reagents) B.9245 (automated blood cell separator) B.9275 (in vitro diagnostic blood bank centrifuge) B.9285 (immunohematology automated cell washing centrifuges) B.9300 (Qom's automatic pilot system) B.9320 (used to determine the proportion of copper sulfate solution) B.9400 (stable enzyme solution) B.9550 (lectins and coagulation former prime) B.9575 (platelet concentrates stored in containers) B.9600 (in vitro diagnostic use of intensive media) B.9650 (blood bank reagent quality control of equipment operation) B.9700 (blood preservation of the refrigerator and freezer) B.9750 (heat sealing equipment) B.9875 (transfer set) B.9900 (cord blood processing system and storage container) C.0001 (EV71 serum reagents) C.0002 (dengue virus serotypes reagent) C.0003 (Helix spp serum reagents) C.0004 (HPV serum reagents) C.0005 (Plasmodium spp serum reagents) C.1620 (antimicrobial susceptibility test discs) C.1640 (antimicrobial susceptibility test powder) C.1645 (automatic short incubation period antibiotic susceptibility testing system) C.1700 (antimicrobial susceptibility test medium) C.2160 (thrombin plasma) C.2170 (automatic colony counter) C.2300 (multi-media) C.2320 (differential medium) C.2330 (enhanced medium) C.2350 (microbiological assay medium) C.2360 (selective medium) C.2390 (transport medium) C.2410 (pathogen Neisseria medium) C.2420 (gonorrhea oxidase screening test) C.2450 (medium of additives) C.2480 (medium quality control equipment group) C.2500 (microtiter dilution and distribution equipment) C.2560 (microbial growth Monitor) C.2580 (gas equipment) C.2600 (Wood's fluorescent) C.2660 (microbial identification and measurement equipment) C.2850 (automatic ring interpretation Machine) C.2900 (microbiological sample collection and transport equipment) C.3010 (stationary bacillus serum reagents) C.3020 (adenovirus serum reagents) C.3035 (genus Arizona serum reagents) C.3040 (genus Aspergillus serum reagents) C.3050 (β-glucan serum analytical reagent) C.3060 (dermatitis blastomycosis serum reagents) C.3065 (Bode's genus serum reagents) C.3085 (Brucella serum reactant) C.3110 (Campylobacter fetus serum reagents) C.3120 (Chlamydia serum reagent) C.3125 (genus serum producing citric acid reagent) C.3135 (rough ball mold serum reagents) C.3140 (Corynebacterium serum reagent) C.3145 (Kesha Qi serology reagents) C.3165 (genus Cryptococcus neoformans serum reagents) C.3175 (CMV serum reagents) C.3200 (Health package tapeworm genus serum reagents) C.3205 (Echovirus serum reagents) C.3210 (endotoxin analytical reagent) C.3220 (amoebic dysentery serum reagents) C.3225 (enterovirus (enterovirus) nucleic acid reagents increase) C.3235 (EB virus serum reagents) C.3240 (equine encephalomyelitis virus serum reagents) C.3250 (erysipelas bacillus serum reagents) C.3255 (E. coli serum reagent) C.3270 (production Flavobacterium serum reagents) C.3280 (France's Toulon bacillus serum reagents) C.3290 (Neisseria gonorrhea antibody test) C.3300 (Haemophilus serum reagents) C.3305 (herpes simplex virus serum analysis) C.3320 (H. capsulatum fungus spore slurry serum reagents) C.3330 (influenza virus serum reagents) C.3332 (specific novel influenza A virus test kits) C.3340 (Klebsiella spp serum reagents) C.3350 (hook end pylori is a serum reagents) C.3355 (Listeria serum reagent) C.3360 (lymphocytic choriomeningitis virus serum reagents) C.3370 (Mycobacterium tuberculosis immunofluorescence reagent) C.3375 (serum reagents Mycoplasma spp.) C.3380 (mumps virus serum reagents) C.3390 (Neisseria direct serum reagent) C.3400 (parainfluenza virus serum reagents) C.3402 (parasite (Plasmodium species) antigen detection reagent) C.3405 (polio virus serum reagents) C.3410 (Proteus (outside Pei) serum reagents) C.3415 (Pseudomonas serum reagents) C.3460 (rabies virus immunofluorescence reagent) C.3470 (reovirus serum reagents) C.3480 (respiratory syncytial virus serum reagents) C.3490 (rhinovirus serum reagents) C.3500 (Rickettsia serum reagents) C.3510 (German measles virus serum reagents) C.3520 (measles virus serum reagents) C.3550 (Salmonella serum reagents) C.3600 (bilharzia serum reagents) C.3630 (Serratia serum reagent) C.3660 (genus Shigella serum reagents) C.3680 (Shen Keshi Sporothrix) C.3700 (Staphylococcus aureus serum reagents) C.3720 (Streptococcus extracellular enzyme reagent) C.3740 (Streptococcus serum reagents) C.3780 (Rodent toxoplasma serum reagents) C.3820 (Treponema pallidum spirochete reagent) C.3830 (Treponema pallidum spirochete reagent) C.3850 (Trichinella serum reagent) C.3870 (Trypanosoma serum reagents) C.3900 (varicella zoster virus serum reagents) C.3930 (Vibrio cholerae serum reagents) C.3940 (WNV serum reagent) C.3950 (human immunodeficiency virus resistant genotypes IVD) C.3980 (multiple respiratory viruses target nucleic acid test kits) C.4070 (RNA analysis of pre-treatment system) C.4100 (complement reagent) C.4500 (immuno electrophoresis equipment) C.4520 (immunofluorescence equipment) C.4540 (immune nephelometer) C.4600 (plate agar plate) C.4700 (fluorescence in situ hybridization automated counting system) C.4800 (radial immunodiffusion plate) C.4830 (rocket immuno electrophoresis equipment) C.5040 (albumin immunological test system) C.5060 (prealbumin immunoassay systems) C.5065 (human allotypes mark immunoassay systems) C.5080 (α-1-anti-chymotrypsin (α-1-antichymolrypsin) immunoassay system) C.5090 (anti-mitochondrial antibody test system) C.5100 (anti-nuclear antibody test system) C.5110 (anti-wall antibody test system) C.5120 (anti-smooth muscle antibody test system) C.5130 (α-1-antitrypsin immunoassay system) C.5150 (The King's protein immunoassay systems) C.5160 (β-globin immunoassay systems) C.5170 (breast immunoassay systems) C.5180 (fecal calprotectin test the immune system) C.5200 (carbonic anhydrase enzyme immunoassay system B, and C) C.5210 (ceruloplasmin immunological test system) C.5220 (CohnfractionII (a protein separation method) immunological test system) C.5230 (colostrum immunity test system) C.5240 (complement component immunoassay systems) C.5250 (complement C1 inhibitor (deactivator) immunological test system) C.5260 (Complement C3b (deactivator) immunological test system) C.5270 (C-reactive protein immunological test system) C.5320 (destruction prime factor B immunoassay systems) C.5330 (factor XIII A, S immunological test system) C.5340 (ferritin immunoassay systems) C.5350 (A fibrin peptide immunoassay systems) C.5360 (CohnfractionIV immunity test system) C.5370 (CohnfractionV immunity test system) C.5380 (free secretory component immunoassay systems) C.5400 (α-globulin immune Test System) C.5420 (α-1-glycoprotein immunoassay systems) C.5425 (α-2-glycoprotein immunoassay systems) C.5430 (β-2-glycoprotein I immunoassay systems) C.5440 (β-2-glycoprotein III immunoassay systems) C.5460 (heme binding protein immunoassay systems) C.5470 (hemoglobin immunoassay systems) C.5490 (clotting enzyme immunoassay test system) C.5500 (hypersensitivity pneumonitis immunity test system) C.5510 (immunoglobulin A, G, M, D, and E immunoassay system) C.5520 (immunoglobulin G (Fab fragment specific) immunological test system) C.5530 (immunoglobulin G (Fc fragment specific) immunological test system) C.5540 (immunoglobulin G (Fd fragment specific) immunological test system) C.5550 (immunoglobulin (light chain specific) immunological test system) C.5560 (lactate dehydrogenase enzyme immunoassay test system) C.5570 (lactoferrin immunoassay systems) C.5580 (α-1-lipoprotein immune Test System) C.5590 (lipoprotein X immunological test system) C.5600 (low-density lipoprotein immune Test System) C.5620 (α-2-macroglobulin immunological test system) C.5630 (β-2-microglobulin immunoassay systems) C.5640 (infectious mononucleosis ball polycythemia immunoassay systems) C.5660 (multiple autoantibodies immunoassay systems) C.5680 (myoglobin immunoassay systems) C.5700 (whole human blood plasma or serum immunological test system) C.5715 (plasminogen immunity test system) C.5735 (prothrombin test the immune system) C.5750 (allergen adsorbed radioactive immunoassay systems) C.5765 (retinol binding protein immunoassay systems) C.5775 (rheumatoid factor test the immune system) C.5785 (anti-Saccharomyces cerevisiae antibodies test system) C.5800 (semen (sperm) immunological test system) C.5820 (systemic lupus erythematosus immunity test system) C.5860 (full spinal fluid test immune system) C.5870 (thyroid autoantibodies immunoassay systems) C.5880 (ferritin test the immune system) C.5890 (α between trypsin inhibitor immunoassay systems) C.5900 (cystic fibrosis transmembrane conductance regulator protein through mutation detection system) C.6010 (tumor-associated antigen test system) C.6020 (tumor cell immunomagnetic separation and counting system) C.6030 (α-fetoprotein-L3 percentage immunoassay systems) C.6040 (breast cancer prognosis gene expression test system) D.1040 (power type algesimeter) D.1075 (argon gas analyzer) D.1100 (arterial blood sampling group) D.1120 (in vivo concentration of oxygenated hemoglobin analyzer) D.1150 (partial pressure of carbon dioxide in the Blood Analyzer) D.1170 (in vivo concentration of hydrogen ions in the blood analyzer) D.1200 (in vivo partial pressure of oxygen in the blood analyzer) D.1400 (carbon dioxide gas analyzers) D.1430 (carbon monoxide gas analyzers) D.1500 (Enflurance gas analyzer) D.1575 (gas collecting container) D.1620 (bromo-chloro-ethane gas analyzer) D.1640 (helium analyzer) D.1670 (neon gas analyzer) D.1690 (nitrogen analyzer) D.1700 (nitrous oxide (laughing gas) analyzer) D.1720 (oxygen analyzer) D.1730 (oxygen uptake calculator) D.1750 (pressure tracings device) D.1760 (plethysmographic device) D.1780 (inspiratory airway pressure gauge) D.1800 (nose gasometer) D.1840 (diagnostic spirometry) D.1850 (monitoring spirometry) D.1860 (spirometry the peak flow meter) D.1880 (lung function values ​​computer) D.1890 (predicted lung function computer) D.1900 (diagnosed with lung resolve computer) D.1910 (esophageal stethoscope) D.1920 (esophageal stethoscope attached electrical conductor) D.1930 (esophageal stethoscope probe) D.1975 (water vapor analyzers) D.2025 (ultrasonic air embolism Monitor) D.2300 (Bourdon flowmeter) D.2320 (non-compensated flowmeter) D.2340 (compensated flowmeter) D.2375 (respiratory rate monitor) D.2377 (apnea monitor) D.2380 (Nitric Oxide Analyzer) D.2385 (nitrogen dioxide analyzer) D.2450 (lung water monitor) D.2480 (skin surface carbon dioxide monitor (non-intrusive)) D.2500 (skin surface oxygen monitor (non-intrusive)) D.2550 (breathing speedometer) D.2600 (airway pressure monitor) D.2610 (gas gauge) D.2700 (pressure regulator) D.2775 (electronic peripheral nerve stimulator) D.2875 (differential pressure converter) D.2885 (gas flow converter) D.2900 (gas pressure converter) D.5090 (Emergency airway puncture needle) D.5100 (nasopharyngeal airway tube) D.5110 (oropharyngeal tract tube) D.5115 (acute upper airway obstruction lifting equipment) D.5120 (anesthesia transport ducts) D.5130 (anesthesia transmission filter) D.5140 (anesthesia transmission group) D.5150 (anesthesia transfer needle) D.5160 (anesthetic or analgesic gas supply unit) D.5165 (NO adding device) D.5170 (local anesthetic throat device) D.5180 (vibrating bed) D.5220 (blowing cylinders) D.5240 (anesthesia breathing circuit) D.5250 (breathing tube circulator) D.5260 (breathing circuit bacterial filter) D.5270 (respiratory system heater) D.5280 (breathing tube supports) D.5300 (carbon dioxide absorbent) D.5310 (carbon dioxide absorber) D.5320 (Chu airbags) D.5330 (breathing gas mixer) D.5340 (nasal oxygen cannula) D.5350 (nasal oxygen catheter) D.5375 (heat and moisture condenser (artificial nose)) D.5400 (electric anesthesia devices) D.5430 (excluding gas appliances) D.5440 (portable oxygen generator) D.5450 (breathing gas humidifier) D.5460 (home treatment humidifier) D.5470 (hyperbaric chamber) D.5530 (flexible type laryngoscope) D.5540 (rigid laryngoscope) D.5550 (anesthetic gas mask) D.5560 (gas mask headgear strap) D.5570 (non re-breathing mask inhalation) D.5580 (oxygen mask) D.5590 (exhaust gas mask) D.5600 (Venturi mask) D.5610 (long-term lung supportive membrane oxygenation) D.5620 (breathing mouthpiece) D.5630 (spray) D.5640 (non-respiratory medicine nebulizer) D.5650 (esophageal obturator) D.5665 (power type buckle knock control) D.5675 (rebreathing apparatus) D.5690 (inducible spirometry) D.5700 (non-power-type oxygen tent) D.5710 (electric oxygen tent) D.5720 (bronchial tubes) D.5730 (endotracheal tube) D.5740 (tracheal / bronchial differences vent lines) D.5750 (expandable inner tube airbags) D.5770 (endotracheal tube fixtures) D.5780 (line guide clamp) D.5790 (endotracheal tube probe) D.5800 (tracheostomy tube and balloon) D.5810 (airway connector) D.5830 (autotransfusion apparatus used) D.5860 (pressure piping and accessories) D.5870 (non-heavy inhalation valve) D.5880 (anesthetic vaporizers) D.5895 (continuous-contained breathing apparatus) D.5905 (non-continuous ventilator) D.5915 (manual emergency breathing apparatus) D.5925 (dynamic type emergency breathing apparatus) D.5935 (in vitro negative pressure respirator (iron lung)) D.5955 (intermittent forced breathing attachment) D.5965 (end expiratory pressure of the breathing apparatus) D.5975 (ventilator circuit) D.5995 (T-shaped shunt (catchment)) D.6250 (portable air compressors) D.6810 (tracheobronchial aspiration catheter) D.6885 (medical gas fittings group) E.0001 (cardiovascular stents) E.0002 (cardiovascular excimer laser system) E.0003 (ECG Management System) E.0004 (organ / tissue are transported / stored media) E.0005 (percutaneous transluminal coronary catheter) E.0006 (aortic endovascular graft system for treatment) E.0007 (artery with surgery adhesives) E.1025 (arrhythmia detector and warning device) E.1100 (blood pressure warning device) E.1110 (BP computer calculator) E.1120 (blood pressure cuff) E.1130 (non-invasive blood pressure measurement system) E.1140 (venous pressure manometer) E.1200 (diagnostic intravascular catheter) E.1210 (continuity flush catheter) E.1220 (electrode recording catheter or electrode recording probe) E.1230 (fiber optic oximeter catheter) E.1240 (flow guide catheter) E.1250 (percutaneous catheter) E.1270 (acoustic cavity catheter system) E.1280 (steerable catheter) E.1290 (steerable catheter control system) E.1300 (catheter tube) E.1310 (percutaneous catheter with a vascular dilator) E.1330 (catheter guidewire) E.1340 (catheter introducer) E.1350 (balloon catheter repair group) E.1360 (tracking microsomes) E.1370 (catheter tip closure) E.1380 (catheter stylet) E.1390 ​​(trocar) E.1425 (programmable set of diagnostic computer) E.1435 (single function has been programmed in the diagnostic computer) E.1450 (density meter) E.1650 (angiographic syringes and syringe) E.1660 (indicator syringe) E.1670 (syringe syringe) E.1750 (in vitro can be programmed pacemaker pulse generator's) E.1800 (type infusion pumps can be retraced) E.1875 (stethoscope) E.1915 (thermodilution probe) E.2050 (bio-potential amplifier and signal conditioner) E.2060 (signal converter amplifier and signal conditioner) E.2100 (cardiovascular blood flowmeter) E.2120 (extravascular blood flow probe) E.2300 (heart monitor (including the number of heart and heart rate meter warning device)) E.2310 (apex of the heart sound vibration) E.2320 (Heart Injection capacity tracings device) E.2330 (ultrasound cardiography device) E.2340 (electrocardiograph) E.2350 (ECG lead switch connector) E.2360 (ECG electrodes) E.2370 (ECG body surface electrode tester) E.2390 (PCG tracings device) E.2400 (heart tracings vector graphics device) E.2450 (Medical cathode ray tube display) E.2675 (physiological signal oscilloscope) E.2700 (oxygen saturation analyzer) E.2710 (ear oximetry analyzer) E.2750 (Impedance Static sphygmograph) E.2770 (Impedance plethysmography (Impedance peripheral blood flow tracings device)) E.2780 (hydraulic, pneumatic or photoelectric plethysmography) E.2800 (medical tape recorder) E.2840 (Figure apex converter) E.2850 (extravascular blood pressure transducer) E.2855 (implantable aneurysm pressure measurement system) E.2860 (PCG converter) E.2870 (catheter tip pressure transducer) E.2880 (ultrasonic converter) E.2890 (vascular closure converter) E.2900 (patient physiological signal transducer and electrode cable (cable included)) E.2910 (physiological signal transmission radio wave-type receivers) E.2920 (telephone ECG transmission and receiver) E.3250 (vascular clips) E.3260 (venous chamber clip) E.3300 (arterial embolization device) E.3375 (of cardiovascular intravascular filter) E.3450 (vascular graft prosthesis) E.3470 (polypropylene, polyethylene terephthalate, and other materials made within the heart of a small patch or swab) E.3535 (intra aortic balloon and control system) E.3545 (ventricular vascular bypass (assist) device) E.3600 (in vitro cardioverter device of pulse generator) E.3610 (implantable cardioverter device of the pulse generator) E.3620 (rhythm control wire connectors) E.3630 (pulse generator function of the analyzer) E.3640 (indirect function of the pulse generator analyzer) E.3650 (pacemaker of polymer mesh bags) E.3670 (pacemaker's battery charger) E.3680 (permanent or temporary use of cardiovascular pacemaker electrode) E.3690 (Used pacemaker test magnet) E.3700 (pacemaker's program controller) E.3710 (pacemaker repair or replacement of the material) E.3720 (pacemaker electrode function tester) E.3730 (pacemaker repair tools) E.3800 (angioplasty ring ring) E.3850 (carotid sinus nerve stimulator) E.3925 (heart valve replacements) E.3935 (heart valve prosthesis of supports) E.3945 (the size of heart valve prosthesis device) E.4075 (endomyocardial biopsy device) E.4200 (cardio vascular bypass assisted devices) E.4205 (cardio vascular bypass bubble detector) E.4210 (cardio vascular bypass of vascular catheters, casing and tubing) E.4220 (cardio vascular bypass of the heart-lung machine) E.4230 (cardiac vascular bypass the bubble remover) E.4240 (cardio vascular bypass heat exchanger) E.4250 (cardio vascular bypass temperature control machine) E.4260 (cardio vascular bypass artery hemofiltration) E.4270 (cardio vascular bypass heart incision with suction hemofiltration) E.4280 (preoperative cardiopulmonary vascular bypass filtration device) E.4290 (artery bypass surgery Joints piston, multi-pipe joints or attachment) E.4300 (cardio vascular bypass gas control device) E.4310 (cardio vascular bypass coronary pressure gauge) E.4320 (cardiac vascular bypass flow pulse generator) E.4330 (cardio vascular bypass blood gas analyzer) E.4340 (cardio vascular bypass blood reservoir of blood volume monitoring and control instrument) E.4350 (cardio vascular bypass and oxygen devices) E.4360 (non drum cardio vascular bypass circulation pump) E.4370 (drum cardio vascular bypass circulation pump) E.4380 (cardio vascular bypass pump speed control device) E.4390 (cardio vascular bypass pump bridging tube sets) E.4400 (cardio vascular bypass blood storage) E.4410 (cardio vascular bypass intravascular gas sensor) E.4420 (cardio vascular bypass heart cut blood flow suction cap) E.4430 (cardio vascular bypass intracardiac suction control device) E.4450 (vascular clips) E.4475 (surgical blood vessel dilator) E.4500 (Cardiovascular Surgical Instruments) E.4875 (arterial lumen stripper) E.4885 (vein stripping) E.5050 (patient care aspirator) E.5150 (thrombectomy catheter) E.5175 (septal ablation catheter) E.5200 (external cardiac compression device) E.5225 (pulse counting means in vitro) E.5300 (DC-type defibrillator (including paddles)) E.5310 (Automated External Defibrillator) E.5325 (defibrillator tester) E.5550 (in vitro percutaneous pacemaker (non-invasive)) E.5800 (limbs with compression sleeve) E.5900 (thermal regulation system) E.5925 (automatic tourniquet) F.0001 (retraction cord) F.1500 (gingival fluid measuring device) F.1720 (pulp tester) F.1730 (pulp test Used electrode gel) F.1740 (dental caries detection device) F.1745 (laser fluorescence caries detection equipment) F.1800 (oral surgery X-ray irradiation system) F.1810 (intra-oral X-ray irradiation system) F.1820 (dental X-rays irradiation arrangement device) F.1830 (cephalometric meter) F.1840 (dental X-ray film position indicating device) F.1850 (lead line position indicator) F.1870 (sulfide test device) F.2050 (dental ultrasonic tracings device) F.2060 (maxillary bone contour marking device) F.3050 (amalgam) F.3060 (dental alloy substrate using gold and precious metal alloys) F.3070 (dental amalgam, mercury, amalgam) F.3080 (amalgam and alloys given device) F.3100 (dental and mercury devices) F.3110 (dental amalgam capsules) F.3130 (molding hooks) F.3140 (resin coater) F.3165 (precision then the body) F.3200 (resin teeth Adhesives) F.3220 (jaw position and jaw relationship temporomandibular joint meter) F.3240 (dental round file) F.3250 (calcium hydroxide cavity substrate) F.3260 (cavity coatings) F.3275 (dental cement (Shi Minting)) F.3285 (preformed tooth hooks) F.3300 (dentures with a hydrophilic resin coating agent) F.3310 (covered with resin filling material) F.3330 (crown molding) F.3350 (gold or stainless steel cusp) F.3360 (forming cusps) F.3400 (Indus glued sodium borate with or without acacia) F.3410 (ethylene oxide polymers and / or sodium carboxymethyl cellulose denture adhesive) F.3420 (carboxy methyl cellulose sodium amide and cationic polymer polypropylene denture adhesives) F.3450 (氧化乙烯聚合物或印度樹膠假牙黏著劑) F.3480 (聚丙醯胺聚合物(已更改陽離子)假牙黏著劑) F.3490 (胺基甲基纖維素鈉、和/或聚乙烯甲基醚順丁烯二酸鈣鈉複鹽假牙黏著劑) F.3500 (聚乙烯甲基醚, 順丁烯二(PVM-MA)酸共聚合物, 和胺基甲基纖維素鈉假牙黏著劑() F.3520 (不需處方之假牙清潔劑) F.3530 (機械式假牙清潔器) F.3540 (假牙襯墊) F.3560 (假牙再襯墊劑) F.3570 (假牙修補組) F.3580 (成形金屬假牙床) F.3590 (成形塑膠假牙床) F.3600 (部分已製成之假牙組) F.3630 (骨內植體用牙橋) F.3640 (骨內植體) F.3645 (骨膜下植體材) F.3660 (印模材料) F.3661 (CAD/CAM光學取模系統) F.3670 (樹脂印模牙托材) F.3680 (聚四氟乙烯玻璃狀碳材料(聚化玻璃黏著劑)) F.3690 (樹脂牙材) F.3710 (基底金屬合金) F.3740 (保持釘和固定夾板) F.3750 (牙齒矯正托架黏著樹脂及調節劑) F.3760 (假牙再襯墊修補材或替換底墊樹脂) F.3765 (凹窩封閉劑及調節劑) F.3770 (暫時性牙冠及牙橋樹脂) F.3810 (根管中心柱釘) F.3820 (根管充填樹脂) F.3830 (根管紙針) F.3840 (根管銀針) F.3850 (馬來膠) F.3890 (根管固定夾板) F.3900 (有金屬鑲嵌的人工後牙) F.3910 (人工牙的底和面) F.3920 (瓷牙) F.3930 (牙槽修復材料) F.3940 (全顳顎關節彌補物) F.3950 (顳骨關節盂彌補物) F.3960 (下顎髁彌補物) F.3970 (關節間盤彌補物(交互轉位種植體)) F.3980 (牙齒骨內植入物附件) F.4120 (骨切割器及其附件) F.4130 (口內牙鑽頭) F.4200 (牙科手機及其附件) F.4465 (氣動式噴射注射器) F.4475 (彈簧動力式噴射注射器) F.4535 (牙科用鑽石器械) F.4565 (牙科手用器械) F.4600 (口內結紮線和金屬線阻) F.4620 (光纖維牙科用光源) F.4630 (牙科用手術燈) F.4730 (牙科用注射針) F.4760 (骨板) F.4840 (旋轉式刮器(牙刮)) F.4850 (超音波洗牙機) F.4880 (骨內固定螺絲或金屬線) F.4920 (牙科用電刀及其附件) F.5410 (牙科矯正裝置及其附件) F.5470 (牙科矯正塑膠托架) F.5500 (口外牙齒矯正用頭罩帶) F.5525 (成形牙齒定位器) F.5570 (治療打鼾或阻塞型睡眠呼吸中止症之口內器材) F.6010 (研磨裝置及其附件) F.6030 (口腔研磨磨光劑) F.6050 (唾液吸收器) P.1400 (核醫密封校正源) P.1410 (核醫心電圖同步器) P.1540 (非新生兒超音波監視器) P.1550 (超音波脈動都卜勒式影像系統) P.1560 (超音波回音影像系統) P.1570 (診斷用超音波轉換器) P.1600 (X光血管攝影系統) P.1610 (X光遮光器) P.1620 (連續或間斷式透視X光機) P.1630 (靜電式X光影像系統) P.1640 (放射性影片標記系統) P.1650 (透視X光影像增感管) P.1660 (非透視X光影像增感管) P.1670 (畫面分割攝影裝置) P.1680 (固定式X光系統) P.1700 (診斷用X光機高壓產生器) P.1710 (乳房X光系統) P.1720 (移動式X光系統) P.1730 (照相透視X光系統) P.1740 (斷層掃描X光系統) P.1750 (電腦斷層掃描X光系統) P.1760 (診斷用X光球管套組件) P.1820 (充氣腦X光攝影用椅) P.1830 (放射科病患用支架) P.1840 (放射線影片) P.1850 (放射線影片匣) P.1860 (放射線影片匣/換片匣) P.1870 (放射線影片/換片匣之設定器) P.1900 (自動式放射線影片處理器) P.1910 (放射線柵板) P.1920 (放射線造影頭部固定器) P.1960 (放射線強化螢幕) P.1970 (放射線心電圖/呼吸器同步器) P.1980 (放射線檯) P.1990 (乳房評估透照器) P.2010 (醫學影像儲存裝置) P.2020 (醫學影像傳輸裝置) P.2030 (醫學影像數位器) P.2040 (醫學影像列印裝置) P.2050 (醫學圖像紀錄傳輸系統) P.5050 (醫用帶電粒子放射治療系統) P.5300 (醫用中子放射治療系統) P.5650 (手動式核種給與系統) P.5700 (遙控式核種給與系統) P.5710 (放射線治療調整用光阻器) P.5730 (放射核種近端治療源) P.5740 (放射核種遠端治療源) P.5750 (放射核種放射治療系統) P.5770 (動力式放射治療病患支持裝備) P.5780 (病患定位光束指示器) P.5840 (放射線治療模擬系統) P.5900 (X光放射線治療系統) P.5930 (治療用X光球管套組件) P.6500 (個人用防護罩)

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