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Mark Blatt: "The cloud computing reduces the price, making it more convenient. She does not increase spending. Medical furniture change where and when you can be satisfied "

The general practitioner and director of global sales of medical Intel's Mark Blatt, showed the Health Web as the combination between mobility and cloud computing is reshaping the way of patient care and reducing system costs in several countries

Health Web: What is the time of Brazil in relation to the Information Technology in Health?

Mark Blatt: One of the things we observe about Brazil is that you are reaching the right time to expand how they intend to engineer the delivery of health systems and the use of IT as an advantage in providing better services. This is the right time to start making decisions about how to use mobility and cloud health.

Brazil is emerging from systems based on people and thinking about using IT. And there are, indeed, different experiences around the world to explain the best ways to do this. Some of the best experiences come from places like Scandinavia, England and China. I wish I could say many good things come from the USA, but only some software, because the American health care system still suffers much resistance from physicians regarding adoption of IT.

Health Web: As the mobility and the cloud can work together?

Blatt: The medical records are stored in a central location. And as a physician when I need them, they are available to me. Two or three layers of security are required before access history. Once this information is available to me on a tablet device, I can see the data, make a video call with the patient at the same time without even being in my office. I could be traveling on vacation, being in the hospital, in a range of patients, could also use a mobile device with camera. The idea is that history exists in the cloud and authentication and security pocket, I can access it via the tablet. And may be different devices tablets, a smartphone for example, despite being a little more difficult, because the screen is smaller. Also, could use a monitoring system. If you are at home, you can monitor, I can use sialometry and data simultaneously with the history. You can also use packages of digital images that exist in the cloud, I open the browser. And so going from one thing to another. And instead of just talking to you, I can start a Skype session and have all these windows open at the same time.

It would be great if all these systems were one, but we can start with separate systems. Web-based EMR, and web-based packages sialometry, which is the same hospital, but home made. Heard of some Brazilian companies are doing sialômetros digital household. So between all that I have in my palm and the call via Skype, I just perform a remote query, using data secure in the cloud, through a mobile device, and you never had to leave where I was.

Investigation report of the medical business opportunities in mainland China: medical services medical devices and mainland tourists to Taiwan Medical Tourism (Paperback) (Paperback) (Traditional Chinese Edition)
Book (WaiMaoXieHui)
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Yup imagine that

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