Chinese Medical Device Industry

Through our office in Beijing, can help medical device manufacturers with the search and analysis of medical distributors in China.

This market is one of the busiest in the world with 1.3 billion people, 310, 000 more than 161, 000 hospitals and medical distributors in China. Only the province has 7, 700 distributors Beijing and Shanghai has 5, 700 physicians. Given the enormous volume of distributors and communications challenges, try to establish contacts and qualify Chinese dealers are reputable and meet their needs is very difficult for a manufacturer if not Chinese.

Using our database, we can offer a large list of resellers in certain Chinese provinces. However, our customers have much greater success in the Chinese market when we engage directly in qualifying distributors. The aim is to ensure that all potential Chinese partners are objectively distribution evaluated based on the needs of your business, and then carefully monitored to ensure continued success. We care three main services to our customers:

1. Potential Chinese market entry strategy and market

  • Determination of initial provinces where to go. Beijing and Shanghai are not the only areas of opportunity for their products.
  • Inventory of similar products on the market.
  • Compliance requirements of the CFDA in China for their devices.
  • Ideal profile of Chinese medical distributor.
  • Optimal structure and logistics service.

Two. Qualification and selection of medical distributors in China

  • Prequalification Comprehensive Chinese medical distributors based on needs.
  • Medical distributors intensive search and evaluation of experience, level of service, etc..
  • Personal Intensive interviews to determine "short list" as qualified candidates.
  • Evaluation of the shortlisted candidates as medical distributors in China.
  • Final selection of the client based on the level of comfort and analysis.

Three. Network management medical equipment distributors

  • Link between your business and distribution partners (both distributors and logistics providers and providers of other services).
  • Support for troubleshooting.
  • Contact and visit their medical distributors to conduct marketing audits.
  • Tracking new product competition.
  • Contact and visit their logistics providers and other services to perform quarterly audits of results.

Our team of Chinese medical distribution offers:

  • Dedication of professional service to the Medical Device industry.
  • Extensive experience in regulatory affairs and quality assurance: compliance with the provisions of the CFDA China, Japan PAL, European CE, FDA standards U.S. and more.
  • Thorough understanding of the way business and Chinese culture.
  • Red multidisciplinary (ie tax, legal, commercial, logistics, real estate, etc..).

China Medical Devices Industry Yearbook(Chinese Edition)
Book (China Statistical)
2012-03-16 13:05:42 by takethemeatbridge

That's fantastic

Do you have any idea what that would mean for medical science? It will revolutionize implanted devices, like pacemakers. They currently run on batteries that are either implanted and need to be surgically repaired if they die, or by a transdermal device that are prone to infection.
This is exactly the sort of thing governments should be funding. They start with snails because the physiology is simple. The end game isn't to create an army of terminator snails to fight the weaponized tree slugs the Chinese are developing, because I think the Japanese already have a game show like that.

2012-05-06 19:37:43 by Frog_Barf

I've used a Bialetti for several years

(Not at the moment: I'm currently entirely off coffee (sob!) for medical reasons.)
I only rinse mine out with cold water, never use detergent or soap. Only had to replace the gasket once. They're readily available and not particularly costly.
The strength of the coffee depends entirely on how dark the beans were roasted and how much coffee you put in the basket. If you fill the basket and tamp the coffee down, you get espresso, no two ways about it, but there's no law that says you have to use that much coffee.
The Bialetti's are sized in "cups" of 50ml each. The twelve-cup model that I use gives me 600 ml of brewed coffee, about 20 fl oz, slightly over three 6 oz cups, or two and a half 8 oz cups

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