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Chinese pharma companies look West

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By Liu Jie in Beijing and in London Cecily Liu (China Daily)

Zhejiang Hisun Pharmaceutical Co's pavilion at the fair in Beijing. By setting up a joint venture with US-based Pfizer Inc in September, Hisun made ​​a breakthrough in China's pharmaceutical industry by taking a controlling stake in the JV with Pfizer, the world's largest drug maker by sales. Provided to China Daily

Many seek partnerships, mergers and acquisitions to build brands

Several Chinese pharmaceutical companies Have Been Recognized by the overseas medical industry Largely Because of Their partnerships with multinational giants.

Zhejiang Hisun Pharmaceutical Co. set up a joint venture with US-based Pfizer Inc. in September 2012. Simcere Pharmaceutical Group has established a partnership with MSD - known as Merck & Co in the U.S. and Canada - and Bristol-Myers Squibb Co. Chinese biotech company Sino Biological Inc reached an agreement with Life Technologies Corp for protein product distribution and development worldwide. Shanghai Fosun Pharmaceutical (Group) Co. has become the largest single shareholder of US-based medical care company Saladax Biomedical Inc.

Insiders say the collaborations are mainly driven by foreign drug-makers 'desire to leverage Their Chinese counterparts' distribution networks, local market knowledge and administrative resources to take a bigger market share, especially in the grassroots sector in China.

"On the flipside, the Chinese companies are Also ambitious. They are eager to get international market access, technical upgrades and even Realize Their build brands through platforms abroad, " said Zhang Fabao, a member of China Pharmaceutical Technology Organization Expert Committee.

"That can be seen as a shortcut for Chinese pharmaceutical enterprises to go global and a win-win strategy for both sides, " he added.

Bilateral partnerships

Hisun got a breakthrough in China's pharmaceutical industry by taking a controlling stake in the joint venture with Pfizer, the world's largest drug maker by sales. Hisun has a 51 percent share in Hisun-Pfizer Pharmaceuticals Co., with a total investment of $ 295 million and registered capital of $ 250 million. Pfizer holds the remaining stock.

The joint venture Focuses on the manufacturing and commercialization of branded generics, or high-quality and low-price off-patent medicines, in China and around the world. Contributed Hisun a strong portfolio - 75 products, wide market reach in China and expertise in the production and commercialization of generics, while Pfizer offers, in Addition to eight products, its research and development, marketing and manufacturing capabilities.

World Scientific Publishing Company Several Worlds: Reminiscences And Reflections of a Chinese-american Physician
Book (World Scientific Publishing Company)
2010-09-12 14:31:18 by exp_jwt

Are the best engineers in China and India?

Technology companies that have outsourced tens of thousands of science and engineering jobs claim that they do so to save R&D money. Now -- as reported by the Sept 9 issue of The Economist -- two of the world's largest engineering companies appear to be claiming that they outsource jobs from the USA because the engineers in China and India are better than those in the USA. Read the excerpt below.
Is it true that only Chinese and Indian engineers are able to build medical instrumentation that is both cheap and rugged? Has it come to this? American engineers simply are no longer capable of designing price competitive, tough, & reliable products? What do you think?
From The Economist, Sept 9:
"Siemens has turned the (medical products) business around partly by going against...

2009-11-18 17:05:43 by samepaige

I know. what the hell?

I like GRO, btw, and CSKI -- herbal remedies in China? where do i sign up?
Company Background
China Sky One Medical, Inc. is engaged in the development, manufacture, marketing and sale of over-the-counter, branded nutritional supplements and over-the-counter plant and herb based pharmaceutical and medicinal products. Its principal products are external use Traditional Chinese Herbal Remedies/Medicines (TCM). The Company is also an integrated manufacturer, marketer and distributor of external use Chinese medicine products sold primarily in China and through Chinese domestic pharmaceutical chains

2005-02-04 13:40:23 by nicholas23

A little bit of all of the. Here's the reason

Europeans became dominant because of a few things:
1. The Scientific Revolution and The Development of New Technologies: Guns and Cannons, and new forms of Sailing Ships, gave them a Miltiary edge over the Asians, Africans, and Native Americans.
2. The Medical Revolution: Advances in Medical Technology meant that fewer children died, so half of the worlds population were White (many of them poor) in the year 1900. Families in those days had 8-10 kids. Fewer of them died. They couldn't all stay in Europe and make money.
3. The Economic Revolution: The growth of Banking, and mostly of Multinational corporations and Joint Stock Companies such as the East India company, meant that large scale privately financed overseas operations were possible

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