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Veranstaltungen im Überblick | Knoell | worldwide registration

Class I (sterile / measuring), IIa class, IIb and class III equipment manufacturers, use the CE mark and launch products on the market before, must be based Notified Body CE Marking Directive 93/42/EEC obtain verification.

In order for your organization to get the CE mark verification, according to the combination of products including drug paraphernalia, all equipment Directive 93/42/EEC and Directives 2003/32/EC (animal tissue), 2005/50/EC (artificial joint implants material) and 2007/47/EC (correction terms), SGS has become a "Notified Body 0120." Successful audit by SGS, will ensure that your products meet the requirements and get 93/42/EEC verified.

Whether your company or production is located, we have established a global network of local offices are able to ensure that you get 93/42/EEC effectively and efficiently verified.

Under this Directive includes authentication options including technical documentation site audit and / or evaluation of Appendix II, V and VI. Our on-site audits to assess compliance with ISO 13485:2003 and usually Directive 93/42/EEC compliance.

With the United Kingdom Accreditation Service (UKAS) certification and with the European Commission and the competent authorities of the close relationship, we naturally become CE certification requirements to meet your partner. Partnership with SGS, you can use the expert knowledge, the global auditor network, and have the opportunity to get in an audit of both the CE mark, we also received various other regulatory validation.

CE for your medical equipment for signs, and approved its use in Europe SGS United Kingdom issued 93/42/EEC verified sales.

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Polymers in Disposable Medical Devices: A European Perspective (Rapra Industry Analysis Report)
Book (Rapra Technology Ltd)
2006-04-15 20:34:56 by merrimac

No it doesn't there is accurate non Lab versions

Cholestech LDX System, which carries the CE Mark for marketing of medical devices in the European Union, has been certified
by the United States Cholesterol Reference Method Laboratory Network (CRMLN), which validates that the system meets the gold standard for accuracy and reproducibility developed by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) for the measurement of total cholesterol and HDL cholesterol consistent with National Cholesterol Education Program (NCEP) analytical goals. The NCEP recommends that everyone over the age of 20, or more than 200 million Americans, should be screened for cholesterol.

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