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GS1 ® Portugal interviewed Mark Wasmuth, Executive Director of GMDN - Global Medical Device Nomenclature, after the session on Medical Device Nomenclature. Mark Wasmuth highlighted the work developed by GS1 and the GMDN, the benefits of global identification, single, unequivocal medical devices and the importance of collaboration between producers and customers for Efficiency and Safety of Health Sector 1. First, explaining why the use of GMDN?

The GMDN is part of a matching program. For several years there have been national systems of identification of medical devices managed by specific local networks. It was so much the habits and practices of hospital time, but also because the national systems used only the information provided by local manufacturers. The consequence of this is that a manufacturer could assign a name to a product, while another manufacturer trying to differentiate your product, brand or assigned another name. Clearly, it does not help the identification process. Now, if we have a system of international standards, can communicate information globally. Existence of an international method, based on a common language, but it allows us to use our own language, facilitates the process of communication and information sharing between different regulators and markets.

2. How do you convince the various stakeholders, including the regulators and the industry itself, the advantages of adopting GMDN?

I believe device manufacturers, especially multinationals and all those involved in exporting their products, understand the advantages of GMDN: entry into various markets implies high costs and the existence of different systems and procedures in each of the countries not help. We had a great response from the multinational industry, but in terms of companies and local manufacturers, there is indeed a challenge to overcome. We are currently working with INFARMED to realize how we can help small manufacturers have access to GMDN do not constitute an excessive burden and unaffordable.

3. There are examples, like the Dutch, that the adoption of GS1 Standards for coding had great results ...

Once talking on GS1 System, it seems important to mention the relationship between the system and product coding system for assigning nomenclature. Clearly, when dealing with product coding, we need to know is the type of device you have and that will be used in the hospital, on the operating table. To do this, we need a unique ID number, which can not confuse one with another manufacturer.'s Therefore important for the entire medical device industry that there is a consistent numbering system, such as the GS1: unique and shareable. It has everything to do with the information and its sharing. The manufacturer associates a serial number to a product - with the respective description, which was approved, has coding GMDN in its nomenclature, etc.. - Eliminating possible misunderstandings and confusion. If we assign a serial number, such as GTIN to a database that contains information such as the GMDN then able to manage the data efficiently.

4. One of the specific objectives and end of these measures is patient safety. In this context, can explain a little better the impact of these measures?

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LIke i said,...

…the jury's still out.
Caution on cell phone use
Group sees possible link to brain cancer
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One of those who signed, Dr. Ronald Herberman, the head of the University of Pittsburgh Cancer Institute, went so far as to advise his own employees to limit cell phone use

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