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Times change. Businesses evolve. Markets are set. And MannerMex International who is placed at the forefront of the recruitment industry and recruitment with its new online presence.

MannerMex is pleased to announce its new website that incorporates an important evolution in visual communication strategy in line according to global trends. The result is a new website, first line that reflects the transformation of the company. The aim is to offer a new concept and design to our clients and candidates.

MannerMex The website offers a unique experience to users, including valuable content for your visitors, videos and testimonials. There is also a page dedicated to the press that contains specific information about the company, its mission, vision, values, goals and experiences. It also includes information about events and an extensive gallery, as well as press releases and generated for the media. MannerMex International - always at the forefront of innovation.

International Mannermex. Hire Smarter

MannerMex International, a leading recruitment agency in Puerto Vallarta, is preparing to add to your list seal certification ISO (International Organization for Standardization) The process is in the initial stage and work to implement ISO 9000 "stamp approval "to certify the highest level of quality in the industry.

Founded in 1947, ISO is an independent, non-governmental and consists of a network of national standards institutes of 164 countries representing. Its headquarters is in Geneva, Switzerland, and is the world's largest distributor of international standards. Having developed and published over 19, 000 standards for business and technology, promotes the development of ISO standards for engineering, agriculture, manufacturing and distribution of medical devices, environmental and safety groups.

ISO Participation is entirely voluntary, and its guidelines are approved by international consensus. These standards are used as strategic tools to reduce errors and wasted resources while increasing productivity and customer service. To finally obtain ISO certification, MannerMex is starting the registration process and planning. They know the process and aim to achieve ISO certification.

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2008-07-25 18:05:46 by BiscuitCity

LIke i said,...

…the jury's still out.
Caution on cell phone use
Group sees possible link to brain cancer
By David Kohn | Sun reporter
July 24, 2008
An international group of 23 prominent doctors and public health researchers and officials is warning that cell phone use may increase the risk of brain cancer.
One of those who signed, Dr. Ronald Herberman, the head of the University of Pittsburgh Cancer Institute, went so far as to advise his own employees to limit cell phone use

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