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WASHINGTON July 6, 2013 Reuters (Epoch Times reporter Liu Zi Jian compilation) "Boston a fund" to start funding

June 29, "a Boston Fund" (The One Fund Boston) announced that began distributing compensation payments to all eligible applicants 232. The fund is Massachusetts Gov. Patrick Manning Road and Boston Mayor initiated the establishment of a non-profit organization, the main goal is to help the Boston Marathon bombing victims. A few weeks time, the Fund received thousands of individuals, institutions and businesses for their generous donations and has already raised $ 60 million. According to the degree of injury victims ABCD is divided into four levels, the availability of reimbursement from 350, 000 to 8000 U.S. dollars range.

Boston Aquarium re-opening giant aquarium

July 1, located in the City of Boston's New England Aquarium announced that its giant aquarium (Giant Ocean Tank) to complete renovations to begin open to the public. This monster can storage 200, 000 gallons, the main display Caribbean coral reef biota. It is the center of a four-storey coral reef, 140 species, more than 2, 000 sea creatures swim in only a full coral seas romantic and charming. This upgrade project total cost $ 17 million, which lasted 10 months. Giant aquarium with a highly transparent acrylic viewing window, expand outside uprights to provide a better viewing perspective. Museum exhibit will remind people hope that these concerns about global climate change and ocean acidification to coral reefs caused deadly threat biosphere.

Queensland downtown redevelopment groundbreaking ceremony

June 24 afternoon, the Kunming city center cost $ 1.6 billion reconstruction project started, Mayor Kirk (Thomas Koch) at the opening ceremony. Queensland government and through the cooperation of developers, the project is expected to bring downtown Kunming 3.5 million square feet gross floor area. Achieve residential, retail, office, entertainment and education and other features. This development plan is Massachusetts is one of the largest development plan, which will include several office buildings and about 700, 000 square feet of retail stores, two hotels, 1, 400 residential units and approximately 5, 000 parking spaces. Some buildings may be up to 20 layers.

The White House granted Lexington immigrants "Innovation Champion"

Lexington resident Amar Sawhney was awarded the 2013 annual immigrant White House "Innovation Champion" (Champions of Change) title. He has a range of medical devices research and entrepreneurial achievements, including 120 patents, founded six companies, its medical products has helped millions of patients, the United States provided more than 1, 600 job. Sawhney graduated from the Indian Institute of Technology, the University of Texas at Austin for scholarship, studying chemical engineering master's degree. However, after graduation, because no green card, cast out 30 resumes, nobody cares. Unwilling to give up his mentor's advice stayed doctoral. Doctoral studies, he first patented. And use of research results in the Los Angeles, California and Cambridge, Massachusetts, opened a company embarked on the road of entrepreneurship. Sawhney then successfully applied for a green card. Now, he not only gained U.S. citizenship, also has a happy family, and his wife settled in Lexington, and fathered a child and a daughter.

Occupational health and safety of women workers: viewed in the light of labor regulations.: An article from: Journal of International Women's Studies
Book (Bridgewater State College)
2004-05-06 14:36:24 by eyt_sf

How to get an international job in SF

Hi. I'm looking for a new job, and would appreciate any help/advice you could give me on the topic.
-BA in an Ivy league Japanese university (2000)
-1yr and a half exp. sales in medical devices (Japan)
-1yr exp. in medical program coordination (SF).
-Fluent in Japanese and English
OK. Here is my ideal job. I would like to work for an American company with a Japanese branch, and would like to introduce/educate new products to the Japanese branch. Or a position where I could communicate beween the Japanese and American companies, and travel overseas

2007-12-21 20:59:31 by shakesfear

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In 1989, the Japanese government funded the Laboratory for International Fuzzy Engineering Research with an advance of some $35 million and more than 40 member firms. Japanese cars are starting to use fuzzy transmissions. In 1989, Honda awarded its prestigious Honda prize to Zadeh for his contributions to Japanese technology. U.S. companies have been extremely reluctant to jump on the fuzzy bandwagon. Exceptions are Rockwell, which markets several fuzzy devices; Otis Elevator; and General Motors, which uses fuzzy logic in the transmission of its Saturn car.
Bart Kosko, author of Fuzzy Thinking, is the movement's most controversial and combative promoter

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Progressive Progressive International Avocado Slicer
Kitchen (Progressive)
  • Create evenly sized, smooth avocado slices with Progressive s tool designed especially for the job
  • Constructed of 18/8 stainless steel, the slicer is safe to clean in the dishwasher
  • Great for creating beautiful slices that present perfectly in any dish; ideal for home or commercial kitchens
  • Durable, with a rust-free design; non-slip handle with a comfortable grip
  • Measures 2-1/2 inches wide by 7-1/4 inches long and is easy to spot in any drawer
Springer Job Scheduling Strategies for Parallel Processing: 7th International Workshop, JSSPP 2001, Cambridge, MA, USA, June 16, 2001, Revised Papers (Lecture Notes in Computer Science)
Book (Springer)

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