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The certification company Underwriters Laboratories Inc., UL short, has announced that the company MDT medical device testing GmbH (MDT) and MD registration services Ltd.. (MDRS) took over. The company based in Ochsenhausen future will belong to the UL field of Life and Health.

Through the acquisition of MDT and MDRS UL medical device manufacturers can help necessary certifications including IEC 60601-XX and ISO 10993-XX to obtain and services they offer in the field of technical documentation, globally for the safety of their products to the respective regulatory supervisors explain.

"Together we can offer a full range of testing and consulting services to assist clients in the development and production of innovative medical devices and documentation of those safety and effectiveness throughout the product life cycle.", Says Dr. Dieter R. Dannhorn, Managing Partner of MDT and MDRS. The company is based in Ochsenhausen is maintained. Dr. Dieter R. Dannhorn will remain as managing two companies.

Contact ::

UL International Germany GmbH D-63263 Neu-Isenburg

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2004-05-06 14:36:24 by eyt_sf

How to get an international job in SF

Hi. I'm looking for a new job, and would appreciate any help/advice you could give me on the topic.
-BA in an Ivy league Japanese university (2000)
-1yr and a half exp. sales in medical devices (Japan)
-1yr exp. in medical program coordination (SF).
-Fluent in Japanese and English
OK. Here is my ideal job. I would like to work for an American company with a Japanese branch, and would like to introduce/educate new products to the Japanese branch. Or a position where I could communicate beween the Japanese and American companies, and travel overseas

2007-12-21 20:59:31 by shakesfear

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In 1989, the Japanese government funded the Laboratory for International Fuzzy Engineering Research with an advance of some $35 million and more than 40 member firms. Japanese cars are starting to use fuzzy transmissions. In 1989, Honda awarded its prestigious Honda prize to Zadeh for his contributions to Japanese technology. U.S. companies have been extremely reluctant to jump on the fuzzy bandwagon. Exceptions are Rockwell, which markets several fuzzy devices; Otis Elevator; and General Motors, which uses fuzzy logic in the transmission of its Saturn car.
Bart Kosko, author of Fuzzy Thinking, is the movement's most controversial and combative promoter

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Attacking Syria raises thorny questions as well as risks  — McClatchy Washington Bureau
Such a response after the war has entered a third year and killed more than 100,000 doesn't satisfy the Syrian opposition, which has long asked for foreign military help in toppling Assad.

Injecting Global Medical Field with Technology  —
This area is a key pillar in the global medical device, technology, and equipment market, which is forecast to be worth more than US$440 billion by 2018, according to Espicom Business Intelligence, a unit of Business Monitor International.

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