Medical Devices Internship

Medical Device Product Development and Contract Manufacturing

== Internet auction may not sell medical equipment (100 years June 17) ==

● HOT June legal topics: job seekers, wage trap Wen / Chen Zhengfen (chief prosecutor)

One day, a friend Xiaojun blinked right Xiaowen, said: "Look into my eyes!" Xiaowen read a long time, only to find Xiaojun's eyes is actually blue.

Xiaojun triumphantly said: "I was wearing colored contact lenses yo!"

Xiaowen envy ask: "Where did you buy? Comes the question?"

Xiaojun replied: "go to Hong Kong to play, relatives bought to send to me. Such cheap contact lenses, if bulk purchase, there are concessions it!"

Xiaowen heard, suddenly had an idea and said: "Xiaojun, our business partners now! Come on you are responsible for relatives to buy, I'll put the Internet auction, so the summer we can be your own boss make money."

Xiaojun echoed: "The Great idea! Work this way easy and free to work and earn hard cash than in the fast food a lot better."

Two excited weaving dreams. After hearing both side of the sister school dialogue, immediately interrupted them, puzzled asked: "contact lenses can do sell it?"

Xiaojun rebuttal: "contact lenses is a commodity, so why not online auctions?"

Xiaowen seconded: "Contact lenses are not drugs, the racquet should not break the law, right!"

They suggest the best sister school to learn more about relevant laws and regulations, in order to avoid breaking the law.

Follow the law

Chen Zhengfen

Contact lenses if worn correctly without professional guidance, will affect the health of the user's eyes. According to the Pharmaceutical Affairs Law Article 13 provides that: "this Act medical equipment, the Department including diagnosis, treatment, mitigation or prevention of disease in humans directly, or enough to affect the structure and function of the human body instruments, apparatus and appliances, and Accessories, accessories, parts. "Because contact lenses can affect the structure of human eyes and visual function, so it is not general merchandise, but it belongs to a kind of medical equipment.

In order to maintain the health of people from abroad input pharmaceuticals, medical devices, it must go through a legal process. According to the Pharmaceutical Affairs Law Article 40, Paragraph: "manufacture, import medical equipment, should be the central competent health authority for inspection and registration and payment of a fee, an approved medical device license issued may only manufacture or import."

The Pursuit Of Happyness
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Misleading for Americans

Lost within the assertion that Americans gobble more than their fare share of resources is a very important fact: Americans are among the most creative and productive people in the world.
Technologies pioneered in the US and demanded by nearly everyone in the world:
- Electricity
- Telecommunications
- Transportation
- Aviation
- Television
- Plastics
- Pharmaceuticals
- Medical Devices
- Computers
- Internet
- And on and on.
Although we can and must be thoughtful about our use of our natural world, it is important to acknowledge that Americans and the West have advanced science and technology in the past 100 years far further than the rest of the world

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