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Provide loans to 840 businesses in various sectors

In 2012, about 840 small and medium enterprises (SMEs) were granted loans of the Competitiveness and Innovation EU-Mexico ( PROCEI ) developed by ProMéxico , whose bag exceeded 18.5 million euros, in order to generate new projects technologies and innovation to enable them to access European markets.

"The European market demand advanced manufacturing in the aerospace, food processing, automotive, electrical, renewable energy and services for information technology, " said Daniel Calleja Crespo, CEO of Business and Industry of the European Community.

According to Ernest Lucas, CEO of ProMéxico , the country has capacity to meet those demands, as 370, 000 billion in products in 2012 Mexico exported around the world, 80% focused on the high and medium technology.

"In Mexico, 5% of the processes in the aerospace industry in the country is generated by heat treatment processing, sheet metal, machining, forging and harnesses that demand industry, " noted De Lucas.

He added that 85% of the processes demanded by the international automotive industry is also developed in the country.

Thus, Mexico was placed in sixth place as a supplier of aerospace, fourth largest exporter of new and first exporter of medical devices in Latin America to the world.

As part of the strategy ProMéxico for Mexican SMEs internationalize, the agency made ​​the information eminar s "Mission for growth" in which 38 Mexican SMEs benefit through business meetings with EU companies.

"The European delegation comprises 32 companies that collectively billed annually more than 37, 000 million euros and are interested in finding suppliers for their business, belonging to the agri-food, textile, health, infrastructure and security, " deepened Calleja.

Through this strategy, ProMéxico plans to increase exports to the country made ​​in 2012 to the European Union, which, at the end of 2012, amounted to U.S. $ 21.988 million (64% of shipments accounted for manufactures).

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Part 2

He most popular explanation for rising oil prices is the increased demand from China. According to the Department of Energy, annual Chinese demand for petroleum has increased in the past five years from 1.88 billion barrels to 2.8 billion barrels, an increase of 920 million barrels. In the same five-year period, Index Speculators’ demand for petroleum futures has increased by 848 million barrels. In other words, they have almost created another China in terms of demand. Do you think that might have an effect on prices?In fact, Index Speculators have now stockpiled, via the futures market, the equivalent of 1 billion barrels of petroleum, effectively adding eight times as much oil to their own stockpile as the United States has added to the Strategic Petroleum Reserve in the past five years

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