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Sherille Veira-Schnitzler is the founder and proprietor of healiz.

After having Studied Health Policy & Administration (Health Economy), at the University of Maastricht (NL), INITIALLY she had worked as a corporate consultant in the Dutch healthcare system, before she entered the German medical technology branch.

Since the foundation of Healiz in 2007, she has supported more than 45 producers of medical technology in the launch of innovative medical products.

Sherille Veira-Schnitzler has experiences in Healthcare Organizations and the medical device industry, as well as consulting, project management and marketing background.

She is equipped with a broad network in Germany and the Netherlands and on top of the most recent market Developments. Has developed a broad understanding of the European healthcare markets and regulations.

Specialties Medical Devices
Market Access
Health Economics
Elderly Care
Market Analysis
Marketing Strategy
Product Launch Strategy

2003-10-02 06:38:37 by apathetichuman

Sorry for the delay

Had to sleep. Okay, not what you asked for, but, along the same lines. I will find the cream connection and post it later. These articles are all about the companies that pay lots of money for foreskin harvesting. Granted, some of their discoveries are for the betterment of medicine. However, they are all motivated by foreskin for money.
Don't believe it ? Read for yourself - directly from the companies involved - all about the massive foreskin-for-sale industry !
Periscope: Bionic Band-Aid
Newsweek Wednesday, January 13, 1999
Living Human Skin Equivalent Apligraf
Molecule of the Month February 1998
Bioengineered skin wins approval from the FDA
Wound Care newsletter July 1998
The Role of Tissue Engineering in Wound Care
AVF Newsletter American Venous...

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