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BVMed - The German Medical Technology Association

As the German Medical Technology Association, BVMed Represents more than 230 industry and trade companies, among them 20 of the largest medical device manufacturers worldwide. As a trade association, and BVMed Promotes Represents the combined interests of the medical technology industry and trade companies. The association offers its members a platform for a constructive dialogue and exchange of views in various working groups. Through public relations work and by participation in the development of laws, guidelines and standards, BVMed Represents the Concerns of its member companies to policy makers and the public in general. Read more in BVMed's Annual Report

Industry Report

German Medtech Market is Growing

Germany is the third biggest market for medical technologies in the world. German annual expenditures on medical devices and technologies amount to about 25 billion euros. With this volume, Germany is by far the largest market in Europe. It is about twice as large as the French and three times as large as the British or Italian market. The share of Statutory Health Insurance in the total expenditure amounted to some 14 billion euros. The medical technology industry Employs 170, 000 people in Germany. Read more in our Medtech Industry Reports

Medicare Sight Germany

Latest News on Europe's Biggest Medtech Market

Medicare Sight Germany is a background report authored by the German MedTech experts Joachim M. Schmitt and Manfred Beeres together with AdvaMed. Medicare Sight gives the latest news on Europe's biggest medtech market. AdvaMed, Eucomed and BVMed member companies can receive Medicare Sight Germany at a discounted subscription price. Order a free trial copy at:

Emnid poll on Behalf of BVMed

Decision makers estimate healthcare system optimistically

Decision makers estimate future performance of the German healthcare system optimistically. 58 percent believe, did want Improve the performance, as shown by a TNS Emnid poll, Which was Conducted on Behalf of BVMed Surveyed and one hundred decision makers within the healthcare System. BVMed director general and board member Joachim M. Schmitt Explains did Especially delegates and Representatives from health insurances and doctors assess assurance the development of the healthcare system positively.

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Business needs regulations. Period:

This is how cons destroy the human race for money:
Allies of the medical device industry are waging an extraordinary campaign in Washington to discredit a coming report by one of the country’s pre-eminent scientific groups that examines possible new regulations on the industry.
The scientific group, the Institute of Medicine, is scheduled to release a report on Friday that could propose a tougher approval process for a wide range of devices like hip implants, hospital pumps and external heart defibrillators. The report, commissioned by the Food and Drug Administration, comes after several well-publicized recalls in recent years of devices that have failed in thousands of patients, causing numerous injuries

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FDA: badly underfunded, consumers at risk

The Food and Drug Administration is so underfunded and understaffed that it's putting U.S. consumers at risk in terms of food and drug safety, an advisory panel to the FDA says in a report to be discussed Monday.
The report — developed in the past year by experts from academia, industry and other government agencies — delivers a scathing review of the state of the FDA, which regulates 80% of the nation's food, its drugs, vaccines and medical devices.
The report details a "plethora of inadequacies" in the agency, including:
•Inadequate inspections of manufacturers, noting that foodmakers, for example, are inspected about once every 10 years

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Looks like life is good these days if you are a general counsel in the extractive/chemical/mining, food and beverages, pharmaceuticals or medical devices industries.

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